Inspired by the popular carrot ocarina, I decide to abandon my previous idea for the midterm and make some vegie instruments.
I’ve tried different vegetables such as quirky looking gourds, broccoli, zucchini and also corn, but most of them don’t work as well as carrot ! The density of the vegie body
is very important.

I know it is a kind of small project. Hope it is ok !

Here is the sound of a zucchini trumpet. not very pleasant but it works !!
I didn’t expect it would be an in-class presentation, so I first came up with this idea of using the sounds created by playing with iron swings to make musical pieces. Then I get another idea and I think it is more practical — to place different matters such as water, wine, jelly and etc. into glass bottles to create a scale of musical tones (12 in total). And play with it! The tones will be measured by frequencies.


My first idea:
Project – Swing the Sounds
Location – the park beside 18th Ave (N train)
Project Outcome
  1. A documentation of both visual and audio recording [Music Video]
  2. Musical pieces made up of the audio recording samples
Project Length – 15min maximum
Project Content
Improvise with swings by identifying the tunes of the environmental sounds
Sound Sources
A.    Environmental Soundscape
1. scratch the iron, play the swings (visualized soundtracks) to make constant sounds in different frequencies;
2. train pass by sounds;
3. other manual sounds as drum beat;
4. other unexpected environmental sounds;
B.    Musical Soundscape
 1. Handmade one-string instrument;
 2. Multiple vocals;
 3. Acoustic guitar (maybe)
 4. ….

2D Standing Waves

1. 2D standing wave patterns

2. Standing wave of invisibility !

3D Standing Waves

1. Standing Wave in a Soap Film

Half wavelength

A complete standing wave

2. Dripping water turned into standing waves

“Passing a tube of water across the front of a loudspeaker yields a standing wave when tuned to a 24 hz sound wave. Then when switched to 23 hz, it appears that the water droplets are actually traveling backwards through the tube they just came out of. A camera recording at a standard 24 fps is playing tricks with the eye when the frequency of the sine wave is very similar.”

3.  Special Standing Wave pattern (in Mandarin)

4.  3D Standing Wave Patterns in Liquid